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Thursday, March 10, 2011


We do not like to stay long at the same place. We like to go from one place to another. This is called travelling. people are fond of travelling. We travel for various reasons. Most of us travel for pleasure. Some of us travel for change of air. some people travel for business, and some for education, Some people go on a Pilgrimage. Some of us go to another place to meet our friends and relatives.
People travel for business, pleasure or education, We travel to different places by car, train, boat, air, or even on foot. Earlier, people traveled on foot.
or on horse-backs only. Animal- drawn carts also were used for going to places.
Today travelling has become very easy. We can go to any place in a short time, without much difficulties.

There are Various modes of travelling. The simplest method is walking.
Poor people walk on foot. Rich person travel on air planes. We have good roads and comfortable means. It is easy to travel now a days.

Travelling gives us pleasure. By travelling, We see new things and beautiful objects. They fill our minds with joy. Travelling is also a sort of education. We see new things and meet people. We learn many things about them.
Travelling also helps us to understand the people of other places. When we meet them, we love then and respect them. Travelling creates fellow feeling and brother hood.

The pleasure of travelling are many. We all want to Visit the places of interest.

But today, though traveling is easy and comfortable, it is not cheap. We
all want to travel, but for most of us it is a luxury that many can not afford.
Travelling is very useful to us. We should try to travel as much as we can.if we can not go to distant places, we may Visit neighboring places.

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